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Bathroom Vanity

How to Build a Maple Bathroom Vanity for Under $200 While doing a quick remodel of a small half bathroom in our home, I was met with the challenge of selecting a vanity for the sink. It didn’t take much searching to see that my options were: a) A cheap, pressboard cabinet in the [...]

Shaker Blanket Chest

Step-by-Step Instructions to Build Your Own Shaker-style Blanket Chest A lot of woodworkers look at the handcut dovetail as a milestone in their skill development. This project gives you an excuse to dive in and come out the other side comfortable in your ability to quickly and accurately craft this joint. I designed [...]

Arts and Crafts Dining Table

Step-by-Step Instructions to Build Your Own Arts and Crafts-style Dining Room Table If you are a woodworker with moderate woodworkering skills , with access to a modest set of tools , you can build this table. My wife and I designed a dining room table to match the sideboard I built for her a [...]

“W” is for Winerack

Step-by-Step Instructions to Build Your Own W-Shaped Winerack Who doesn't need another winerack, right? This one looks great on a counter top, is super-sturdy and holds half-a-dozen bottles of wine. The hardest part of this project is dealing with the odd angles . This layout uses 30°/60° joints , but no worries—I show you [...]